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Differences Between Bosch Alarm  Solution 2000, 3000 & 6000

Differences Between Bosch Alarm Solution 2000, 3000 & 6000

Bosch is a renowned name in the security industry. Bosch alarm systems are ideal for home and medium businesses’ security. Bosch alarm systems are introduced on the base of Australian regulations and conditions. That is why they are perfect for NBN and local wireless communication. Bosch alarm systems come with a self-monitored feature. It allows you to control it like arming or disarming it or getting updates from it via your mobile through an app. Bosch alarm systems also support back-to-base security. With this feature, you can hire any professional monitoring company to monitor your house. In this case, there is also a possibility of executing patrols on your property depending on the event it happens. This occurrence totally depends on the agreements between you and the monitoring company.

Three Bosch Alarm System families are available.

Bosch Solution 2000, Wired Bosch Solution 3000 alarm kits and Wireless Bosch Solution 3000 alarm kits.

There are some differences among these alarm systems of the Bosch family. The solution 2000 and 3000 alarm systems are capable of monitoring 8 and 16 zones respectively and allow you to control them with the keypad, mobile device from the Bosch RSC+ App or remote keyfobs. The Bosch 3000 alarm solution is a great option for wireless detection devices. For heritage-listed buildings, existing apartments or buildings where cabling is not a good option, there Bosch 3000 solution works perfectly. This solution provides smoke detectors/sensors, glass-break detectors and remotes, intrusion detectors/sensors, reed switches and so on.

Bosch Solution 6000

This solution from Bosch is an integrated combo of building access control and intrusion system. Bosch 6000 solution is introduced for large homes and commercial buildings. It offers up to 144 zones, 990 user codes, 40 outputs and 16 access doors. These features totally justify your investments in this solution. There are different modes of door access like smart cards, numeric eternal keypads or smart tokens etc.


Why Bosch Alarm System?

One can find the most suitable system advice for premises from a licensed security installer quotation request. The selected system depends on some factors like the dimension and structure of the building, wiring availability, unique security requirements and especially your budget and so on.

The number of detection zones depends on the area and size of the property. We can clearly understand this with the comparison discussed below-

A small house generally requires 3 PIR detectors, for a large home the number increases to 5 and for warehouses or commercial buildings, tens of sensors are needed. You can use other detection devices such as outdoor PIRs, door and window reed switches, glass break detectors etc. to enhance the security of your property. Installation of a security alarm system will definitely raise the security level, creating trouble for intruders. Bosch has a wide range of products and a security professional can design all security measures with bosch solution alarms.

We have ample kits of popular Bosch alarm kits including detectors, metal enclosures, tampers, alarm panels, keypads etc.

Commercial intrusion products are also available here like Bosch pro series detectors, high ceiling detectors and other third-party products such as card readers, PE Beams, external keypads etc.

Hope this article helps you a lot. For any query contact us, and we will be pleased to help you.

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