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Toll Free: 1300 007 613
iAlarm is a division of Pacific security technology Pty Ltd
Master Licence: 408770551

Sydney’s trusted Bosch Alarms & Security System Installation Service

When employing the help of iAlarm, you can rest assured that your newly acquired alarm system or associated security products will be seamlessly integrated into your home, office or warehouse by qualified professionals, at a time that suits you.

Access Control, Alarm Keypads, Control Panels, HD CCTV, Motion Detectors, Backup Batteries and Sirens, amongst a multitude of likened products, can be incorporated into your domestic or commercial property at a moment’s notice.

Our technicians always arrive fully equipped to handle a wide range of security-related ailments and installation obstacles so that we minimise the need for return visits. That means more savings for you and less downtime for your business.

iAlarm’s technicians are qualified and insured to carry out any of the following, and more, during the installation process:

  • Drill, bore and install tamper-resistant wiring
  • Install any number of Bosch alarms or related security products
  • Analyse and determine the most appropriate locations for specific security features within your home, office or warehouse
  • Install back-to-base monitoring connections, modules and accessories
  • Establish secure connections between your property and the base
  • Set up effective ranging and sensitivities for motion sensors
  • Set up and install backup batteries and external power supplies
  • Analyse areas of the property for potential damp, dust or moisture issues.
  • Test the system and demonstrate how to manage the system.

iAlarm is frequently sought out to offer our rapid installation services over the following product lines and much more:

  • Bosch Security Products
  • Bosch Alarms and associated hardware
  • Third-party alarm and security systems
  • Bosch & 3rd Party Back-to-base Monitoring
  • Bosch & 3rd Party Motion Detectors
  • HD CCTV systems
  • Keypads and control panels
  • Internal and External Sirens.

If you are a residential customer, you will be glad to know that iAlarm strives to have all domestic projects finalised within just one business day. That means that if you were to book your service in before 8:00am, you’d likely have your alarms and security systems up and running at their best, all on the very same day.

For commercial or industrial properties, iAlarm will work with you to have your project completed within just two-to-three business days.

Please note that these times may vary depending on the scale and complexity of the properties and projects at hand.

Call iAlarm today on 1300 007613 to have your systems professionally installed by a reputable Bosch Alarms technician

If you would prefer to make an online enquiry instead, please click here to use our contact form.

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