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The Sydney’s Security Alarm Systems

The Sydney’s security alarm systems

The upgraded and advanced alarm systems are often considered to be the front-line security maintainers. These security alarm systems are innovative, easy to use, and stylish, and offer maximum security; which makes them ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

Working of security alarms

These security alarm systems consist of sensors that detect unauthorized entry within the premise, giving you peace of mind every time you are out!!But, if there is a forced entry then the system will be ‘armed’ producing a loud siren to notify the owner and our control room about this unwanted attempted intrusion.

Additional features especially for you!!

The alarm systems offered by our company also offer pet-friendly services. So, if you are a proud owner of a pet then don’t worry about the unnecessary buzzing of the alarm systems. Our pet-friendly alarm series consists of an in-built sensor that detects the pets and prevents false alarms.

Moreover, our alarm systems can also be configured with smoke detection devices, as is operational all the time. Besides, the user will also be notified of the detection of any kind of smoke within the secured premises.

One key for your complete safety

You will be amazed by the impressive technology that enables the alarm with just a single-key-press option. All your job role is to press that key and leave with the reassurance of complete safety. And when you are back, just disarm the alarm system; this can also be done remotely via remote control or a smartphone app.

In case of fire, medical emergency, or personal need, the smart alarm system can be triggered with the three dedicated emergency buttons, which will be further reported to our round-the-clock monitoring system and we will respond ASAP.

However, during the night hours, our specialized security system will be enabled partially, which will enable you to move around inside with complete protection from burglars. 

Visual verification – high-level security

Visual verification is one of the latest innovations witnesses by the alarm systems where the alarm detectors are combined with an integrated camera. This high-tech device is capable of offering a crystal-clear verification capability through a smartphone app. It is a completely wireless system that will authenticate the verification via full-colored images captured by the camera and will further minimize the rate of false alarm. It is simple to install and offers great flexibility in any area that lacks wireless infrastructure.

Switch to a keyless entry

Access controls are ideal for any business premises and permit access for the employees in various areas of the building. It is a modern security device that can be installed on the external doors easing the movement without any key. It is discreet, easy to use, and cheap to replace if the swipes are lost. Swipes, on the other hand, are the program key with an individual number and offer unlimited use at the swipe readers. A security system, behind the scene, will record the movement of an individual with the date and time stamp. Thus, the integration of the existing alarm systems with the access control will eliminate the need for an alarm code. So, feel free to contact us for these wide ranges of technologically advanced alarm systems at pocket-friendly rates.

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