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Rapid Backup Battery Solutions For Sydney

Your alarm system’s backup battery is the only thing that will keep your alarm system operational during a power cut. That’s not to say that the only time it’s needed is during a power outage in the area either.

In Australia, and many places around the world, burglaries are carried out in a number of different ways, by people of varying skill and experience. Unfortunately, burglaries aren’t always as simple as a crook creeping through the window or an unlocked door – locking everything up and going to sleep with the alarm on is definitely the best way to protect yourself… but without a backup battery, you may as well leave the door wide open.

Backup batteries are specifically designed to give out a lot of power, and they’re usually very good at their job. A new backup battery can provide auxiliary power to your alarm system for up to 8 hours in the event of a power cut but, we have to bear in mind that these batteries are produced to function in emergency situations only. As such, backup batteries of all brands, sizes, types and ages will lose their charge over time.

If your backup battery is low on power, old or faulty, experienced burglars will have less of an issue gaining entry to your home or office. It’s your backup battery that helps your alarm transmit information to the police and the back-to-base monitoring station when there’s a sudden lack of power going to your building.

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While we would strongly recommend that all residential properties have their backup batteries regularly serviced (at least once a year), most insurance companies will ask that their commercial or industrial clients have their backup batteries serviced at least twice a year (once every six months). By ignoring these recommendations, you risk losing your ability to make a claim in the event of a burglary as your equipment will not be accepted as having met your insurer’s security standards.

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