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iAlarm is a division of Pacific security technology Pty Ltd
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Unrivalled Back-To-Base Monitoring For Sydney

What is Back-To-Base Monitoring?

iAlarm’s Back-to-Base Monitoring employs a combination of the latest in alarm and security technologies with the expertise and watchful eyes of our security experts. The two work alongside each other in real-time to give your property some of the most advanced security features available today.

Added to generally improving on your property’s security, Back-to-base monitoring also gives rise to newfound freedoms that are otherwise unavailable to standard alarm systems. For example, any faults, error messages, surprise deactivations, power cuts or genuine threats to your security will be relayed directly to the Back-to-base monitoring station. From there, the team will determine what action needs to be taken and report to or request information from you to quickly overcome the issue on your behalf.

Despite their proficiency, if your Back-to-base monitoring system doesn’t have a fully-functional backup battery, it’s useless! Have your backup battery repaired, replaced or upgraded today!

Further to the freedoms listed above, have you ever experienced a false (or real) alarm when you weren’t at home? Perhaps you were on holiday and you received a call from your neighbours? Either way, with our effective Back-to-base monitoring solutions in place, false alarms can be deactivated by the team on your behalf, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. In addition to this, should your property be under threat from a real burglary, the back-to-base team will also be able to dispatch a professional guard response and any relevant emergency services as need be.

When you’re away on holiday and a curious possum sets the alarm off, your Back-to-Base Monitoring team will inform you about the situation and proceed to reset your alarm – that means no irritations for your neighbours and no temptations for prowling thieves.

Enjoy some real peace of mind with iAlarm’s Back-To-Base Monitoring

As with all iAlarm’s services, our qualified technicians arrive fully equipped to handle any elements of the installation, repair, upgrade or maintenance of your respective systems. Furthermore, we aim to have all residential services completed within just one business day and all commercial or industrial projects finalised within just two-to-three business days. These times will vary depending on your exact requirements, the scale of the property and complexity of the project in question.

Call iAlarm today on 1300 007613 to give your property the ultimate in domestic and commercial security.

If you would like to make an online enquiry, please click here to use our online contact form– one of our knowledgeable members of staff will be more than happy to answer your questions and assist wherever possible.

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