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Burglary, trespassing and theft are, unfortunately, still amongst the biggest contributors to Sydney’s crime statistics. As such, it’s imperative that your home, office or warehouse employs at least one form of electronic security so that you, your family and your assets can stay protected.

iAlarm offers an all-embracing selection of alarm and security-related solutions to businesses and individuals alike, regardless of the size, location or complexity of your specific project. Our team is comprised of qualified and highly-experienced alarm professionals who work, systematically, to ensure that the aesthetic integrity of your property is maintained, whilst delivering on an unparalleled installation, repair or upgrade service.

Looking to install one of the most versatile alarm systems available into your home or office? Perhaps you’re simply looking to have your existing systems maintained or upgraded on a regular basis? Either way, our technicians always arrive fully equipped to handle every element of your project and to address any number of related issues that you may be experiencing.

iAlarm offers professional installation, repair, maintenance and upgrade services to those based in and around Sydney with the utmost dedication. We aim to have all residential projects finalised within just one business day and all commercial or industrial projects seen to within just two-to-three business days depending on the size and intricacy of the project in question.

A rapid and cost-effective service means bigger savings and less downtime for you and your business.

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Regular False Alarms?

Not only is an over-active alarm system deeply irritating to you and your neighbours, it is also an open invitation to potential burglars and thieves in the area.

By having your alarm sound too often, burglars can become aware of the fact that your system is faulty and therefore feel more comfortable with attempting to enter your property.

Your alarm system can be set off by a wide range of external factors, let alone a number of internal issues that should be addressed as soon as possible – some of these may have little or nothing to do with the property itself, but electrical faults in the area at the time.

The most frequently reported false alarms are due to:

  • Pest Damage
  • Signal Interference
  • DIY Incidents
  • Tampering
  • Wear and Tear
  • Harsh Weather Conditions
  • Faulty or Loose Connections
  • Damaged Cabling
  • Age

If your alarm isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do,
call us immediately on 1300 007613

Are your motion detectors setting off your alarm for no apparent reason?

The sensitivity of your motion detectors can be adjusted, and in most cases where your alarm is triggered too easily, it’s a simple case of lowering it.

Please refer to your product’s user manual where you’ll find all the information you need to adjust your detectors’ sensitivities yourself, but please refrain from moving or adjusting the position of your detectors as this can cause a range of other complications.

Many homeowners who are lucky enough to own pets, such as dogs or cats, often forget that their motion detectors will pick up on the movements of their animals as well. There are a number of solutions to this issue, the easiest and most practical of which is to simply install the all-new range of Bosch Alarms’ pet-proof sensors. These motion detectors are programmed to ignore movement signals given off by animals and can be installed to both interior and exterior walls with ease.

To see more about Bosch Alarm’s pet-proof motion sensors, please click here.

If you would like to explore the full range of Bosch Alarms’ motion detectors, please click here.

Further to the above, motion detectors can be triggered by a number of other stimuli, some of which may have been overlooked during the initial installation process:

  • Infra-red signal interference, where certain units within your property may be pointing at each other or across each others’ detection space.
  • Damaged cabling caused by pests or harsh weather conditions.
  • Tampering with the motion detectors
  • Substantial noise – when noise levels are particularly high, the reverberations in the air can lead to false readings from motion detectors, which in turn activate the alarm.
  • Loose papers, blinds, sheets, curtains and dust are easily moved by gusts of wind – leaving windows and doors open can cause false alarms.
  • False alarms can occur due to a damaged housing on the motion detector, which result from accidentally dropping the unit, applying too much pressure to the device when attempting to realign it or causing damage through DIY incidents.
  • A build-up of dust in and around the sensor housing can lead to poor readings and false alarms.

Remember, if you book your service in before 8:00am, we’ll aim to have your property serviced on the very same day!

Although you may be able to repair or adjust the calibrations of your motion detection units on your own, iAlarm highly recommends seeking the assistance of a professional if the device becomes faulty. Tampering with your unit’s outer casing can often void the manufacturer’s warranty, which in turn makes things more complicated when trying to organise a replacement in the future. iAlarm can have a fully qualified alarm technician available to assist you and tend to your issues with ease. Furthermore, we strive to have all residential projects seen to in just one business day and all commercial projects finalised within just two-to-three business days, depending on the project in question.


Call iAlarm today to have your motion detectors professionally restored, installed or repaired.

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Are your smoke alarms working as they should?

Whether your smoke detectors don’t sound when they come into contact with fire or smoke, or they go off for no apparent reason, having a faulty smoke detector means that you’re not as protected as you should be.

If your detector is too sensitive and you’ve ever felt inclined to remove it, dismantle it or just turn it off, you risk exposing yourself to the threat of a real fire.

If your smoke alarms aren’t working properly, call iAlarm immediately on 1300 007613

Smoke alarms rely on a very sensitive sensor, which is contained within the inner workings of the unit. This sensor reads the air quality and ambient temperature of the room it’s located in. If either of these two stimuli are being read at levels above what the sensor is set to accept as “normal,” the unit will sound the alarm.

With that in mind, a common reason for smoke alarms to begin malfunctioning, is due to a build up of oil, from cooking, and dust within the unit. Although these two compounds have no direct effect on the sensor, the bacteria that builds up within the mix multiply over time and go on to give off false carbon dioxide and temperature readings. Regularly servicing your smoke alarms minimises the risk of this happening to your units.


If there is no fire or smoke, other common reasons for false fire alarms include:

  • A build up of moisture in, on or around the sensor
  • A build up of dust in, on or around the sensor
  • A build up of oil in, on or around the sensor
  • Heat damage to the sensor
  • A damaged housing
  • Faulty or damaged cabling from pests or severe weather
  • Damaged sensors
  • Loose connections to or within the unit


Give iAlarm a call today on 1300 007613 to have a professional Bosch Alarms technician repair, upgrade or reinstall your fire or smoke detection equipment.

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Remember to make your booking before 8:00am to benefit from an unrivalled, same-day service.


Experiencing issues with your system’s backup batteries or external power supplies?

Your alarm system’s backup battery is responsible for maintaining your system’s power supply in the event of an electrical outage or power cut.

Many of us are aware of the fact that our alarm systems are crucial to maintaining our security. However, a surprising number of people often forget to service their systems on a regular basis or replace their backup batteries when they begin to lose charge. Unfortunately, many burglars are aware of that fact and, as such, simply cut the power to the property that they’re targeting and, with it, deactivate the alarm.

Burglars are also aware of the fact that power cuts aren’t necessarily accidental either – late payments, severe weather conditions, technical services in the area, load shedding and many more amongst a wide range of associated issues can lead to the electricity supply being turned off. If this happens, your backup battery is the only thing that will keep your alarm working.

To explore our range of backup batteries or external power supplies, click here

Give yourself, your family and your business the peace of mind and superior protection it needs by having your backup batteries serviced or replaced on a regular basis. Most insurance companies will ask that residential properties have their systems seen to at least once every 12 months (once a year) and commercial or industrial properties at least once every 6 months (twice a year). If an incident were to occur when the alarm had not been serviced to meet your insurer’s recommendations, you may lose your ability to make a claim.

Call Bosch Alarms today on 1300 007613 to have your systems installed, upgraded or maintained by one of Sydney’s finest alarm specialists.

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