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Everything You Need To Know About Changing The Battery Of The Alarm System!!

Everything you need to know about changing the battery of the alarm system!!

Does your alarm monitor system have dim light? Or have you faced issues with the improper or low buzzing of the alarm system? Or do you guys find it a difficult to changing the battery of a security alarm system?? Or, have you faced any such problems related to the constant beeping of the alarm system, or an error message, or arm failure??

Well, it’s nothing!! You need to change the battery of your alarm system to keep it working and in ‘enlightened’ mode.

When is the right time to change the battery?

A battery represents the heart of the system and is located in the control panel of the system.  And, thus it is essential to maintain the battery well and in working condition, as the damage to the battery can compromise the safety of your loved ones.

In general, the average battery life of a system falls between two to five years, and thus one should be forewarned about its replacement. Butevery alarm system hasa unique type of notification to notify the user about the existing issues.

For instance, some of the security alarm system models directly display the message of ‘low battery’ or ‘trouble’ if they face any issues with the battery. However, in some models, the keypad starts beeping after regular intervals.The user can also experience false alarms in other models.

How to fix the issue?

Replacing the worn-out battery is easy if you have acknowledged the battery replacement process. But, for those who are still unaware of how to change it, follow the steps listed below and change the battery efficiently.

Step 1

Make sure to turn off the electricity supply to keep you safe from electric shocks!!

Step 2

One should communicate with the control room and update them with the battery replacement process, as it will prevent the arrival of the patrol team from the company’s control room to investigate the matter.

Step 3

Locate the battery within the control panel, which is majorly found in the alarm system’s control panel.  

Step 4

Gently open the control panel box, either by the key or by unscrewing the panel’s cover.

One should know that the alarm can buzz off as soon as you open the panel. So, punch in the code immediately to disarm the alarm when it is required.

Step 5

Disconnect the battery and remove the red and black wired from the battery’s terminals with the help of pliers. Initially, the wires may be persistent, but they can soon be unplugged.

Avoid touching the terminals with any metal implements to prevent a shock! After disconnecting the battery replace the old battery with a new one.

Step 6

Before making a final connection between the battery and terminal, make sure you have the same battery model in hand!! Now start the process by removing plastic protectors from the new battery, then connect the terminals with black and red wires.

Just be sure that you have fixed the wires correctly and in the correct terminals. The RED wire should be connected to the RED terminal, whereas the BLACK wire should be connected to the BLACK terminal. You can tighten the connection and use a multimeter to check the charging condition. Now close the panel’s door, and you are done!! Just make sure to assign an annual servicing for the home security alarm system to guarantee the non-compromising safety of your loved ones!! You can also contact our company for all kinds of installation and service-related issues at an economical price.

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