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How To Test Your Burglar Alarm System?

How to Test Your Burglar Alarm System?

You have researched through all the web pages, books, friends to find the best alarm system available in the market. You have taken care of all the things during the installation of the security system and have left no stone unturned to have an airtight security. But the question arises, in the end, which is has all these things paid you in return?

Is your security system airtight? The fact is very few people test their security system and possess a blind faith in their system installer. They leave all the protection of their home and business on such a system that may or may not be working. In this article, we have tried to give you a complete idea of testing your security system and its frequency.

Why and how often you must check the functioning of your alarm system?

It is very much necessary to check the working of your alarm system from time to time. It ensures the safety of your family and properties. Along with safety, you feel a calm and relaxed mind. There is also an advantage of early trouble identification and troubleshooting. It increases security manifolds. You can call our experts and get things done within minutes and experience the feeling of safety and protection.

How frequently you should check your security system?

According to industry experts and security specialists, you should test your security system every six months. By this, you can notice every connectivity error if it has arisen.

Moreover, you should check your system after any type of work has been performed at your home. For example, work done on the phones and cable lines, removal of tress, etc.

Preparation Steps:

  • The first step towards doing a security system test is to inform your service provider and set your account to test mode. There are enough chances of triggering a false alarm if you are doing it without informing which will end up being an embarrassment and hassle for you.
  • Make sure all the doors and windows are closed and locked properly. If the entry points to your home are not secure properly you can’t check about any intrusion.
  • A simple and more convenient alternative to do a security test is to get the help of a Eurovigil expert. He will communicate with you online and guide you step by step in your testing process.

How to do the test?

  • Turn on the alarm system and arm it. After doing it leaves the house locking the main door.
  • Go on a walk around the perimeter of your house checking each window and doors. Make sure that you trigger all the sensors installed on these doors and windows. If the siren is triggered easily the system is working correctly and sound in condition. If you are taking the help of a security expert, then they will disable the siren otherwise you will have to do it by yourself.
  • Make sure every you check every motion sensor by walking in front of it.
  • Deactivate test mode after you complete the test.
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