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How Secure Is Your Home Alarm System? – Crucial Considerations

How Secure is Your Home Alarm system? – Crucial Considerations

That one thing which always brings stress to us is the security of our home. This question always reverberates in our mind and doesn’t let us feel peace. There are very few things on which you can estimate the security of your house. Here we are discussing four points to help you in estimating your home alarm system.

Self-monitoring or professional monitoring:

A monitored system is surely more secure than an unmonitored system. But the big question is: which you one to buy? A self-monitored system or professional monitored.

A self-monitored system is that one which detects break-in and triggers the alarm system and sends an alert/warning message through the notification, most often as a text message to take the necessary action. The problem with the self-monitoring system is the reach-ability to you. There is a possibility that you may be out of reach in the crucial time and in the meantime your most valuable goods get theft.

In the professional monitoring system, it sends the alert message to the monitoring service and the monitoring service contact you to confirm and alert. Most of the services do double verification with the provided second contact number. In both cases of confirmation of burglar as well as no contact with you, the monitoring service calls the emergency services.

A wired alarm system or wireless systems:

In the wired system, the security devices communicate with the control panel through hard-wired. It can incorporate more sensors than the wireless. But it is less secure and needs professionals to install it. It needs to accommodate wire in dashboards walls. It needs to be hidden and also less secure than the wireless systems.

On the other hand, the wireless system communicates through wireless media like Bluetooth wifi, etc. Wireless systems are easy to install, less expansive, simpler and more secure as the invaders can’t cut the wires. Upgrades are easier with many options available to meet

Systems with “Crash- and Smash Protection” and systems without:

Most alarm systems give 30 to 60 seconds to pass through the door. But what if the intruder knows this information, and experience enough to break into the home within that time period?

With the crash and smash protection, the system still works even if the intruders comes inside the house and try to break the control panel. If the system begins its countdown and the connection between your alarm and the central station goes offline before sending a disarmed signal, an alarm still is triggered.

Experience and expertise of Alarm-system Company:

Experience and expertise always count in every field. You have to do deep research and analysis before choosing your alarm company. You have to be aware signing a long term contract can make you vulnerable to hidden rollover provisions. You have to consider the following things before choosing your alarm company-

  • Company’s reputation
  • Company’s experience
  • The technology offered
  • Customer services
  • Reliability of the monitoring service
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