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Common Mistakes People Make While They Install A Security Camera System

Common Mistakes People Make While They Install a Security Camera System

Unwanted intruders get into your home, office and steal your important documents, valuable goods, money, etc. But the most important loss is your peace of mind. You suffer emotional trauma for a long time, maybe for years. You have to put a great amount of effort to come out of the incident. Modern security systems are an awesome option to protect your property and home premises. To safeguard your area good quality of the system is very essential.

There are many CCTV products in the market, but to choose correctly you have to consult a security system company who will estimate your specific needs and install the best fitting it.

Purchasing a Camera System of the Shell or Online

Purchasing security system online or from big box stores seems a good idea with very low price and great deals on the table. But the reality is something different. These cameras are off very low quality and not suitable for security systems and surveillance.

Most ironical thing about these big box stores is that they don’t use the systems they sell and hire security companies for their security solutions. Our first and most important advice to you all is to contact a security system company before you purchase a kit off the shelf.

Inefficient Field of View

The positioning of the camera is a very crucial and critical task to do in the procedure of security system installation. It’s so because the position of the camera decides the field of view and wrong positioning will result as an inefficient field of view. Newbies, DIY enthusiasts, and even some amateur installer will point the camera in such a way that it looks all right but they miss the area which is their below the camera itself.

We suggest you to pointing a camera in a certain way that the top of the picture is the doorway for indoors and for outside we recommend removing the sky form the screen.

Ineffective Camera Placement

The most common fault people do is the ineffective placement of the camera. Most fixed lens cameras get up to a ninety-degree field of view. If you install a camera in the middle of a wall in a room you are going to miss space to the left and right of the camera. Our advice for you is to place the camera in the corner of the room where it can capture most of the space.

Waste Hard Drive Space

Searching your culprit in long hours of videos is frustrating and time taking. It is very much crucial to capture what is needed and save hard drive space. By default, many security systems record 24×7. The best step you can take to get rid of all these problems is to set your system to capture motion. This setting will save you time while reviewing as well as dead space.

To solve all these many problems, we, at prep security have all the experts from the field of security systems who have long years of experience. We are doing it from decades and you can trust us without a bit of hesitation.

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